David Bowie’s links with Aylesbury laid bare in definitive book

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A definitive book on David Bowie’s links with Aylesbury is available now.

The Thin White Book – which was written by music journalist Kris Needs – compiles source information, memories and photographs from the times that the Thin White Duke visited Aylesbury.

The book and photographs were compiled by Friars founder David Stopps and contributions from key music scene players of that time including Robin Pike and Pete Frame are also included.

David Bowie famously performed both his Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust albums for the first time in the town – and a crowdfunding campaign last year raised over £100,000 to erect a lasting statue tribute to Bowie to commemorate this.

All proceeds will go towards the statue campaign.

Mr Needs, who has recently launched a website of pop culture essays www.nomorebigwheels.com - and edited Aylesbury-based music paper Zig Zag, said: “I saw the book project as a way of showing the crucial part that Friars Aylesbury played in Bowie’s rise to stardom and exactly why he deserves a statue.

“The Market Square immortalised in his ‘Five Years’ is the perfect spot. David, Sue and the squad have done a magnificent job and I also wanted to pay tribute to them.

“I was 17 years old when I first saw Bowie so the events I describe actually accompanied my adolescence and unfolded as I was growing up. It was great fun reliving them and remembering some of the best times of my life, which carried on when I started running my beloved Mott The Hoople’s fan club from Bowie’s management office.

“It was amazing witnessing Bowie unveil his new Ziggy Stardust creation at the January 1972 show then being in the dressing room afterwards and seeing him so happy.

“He kissed me and you don’t forget something like a smacker from Ziggy Stardust!”

The Thin White Book is available from the Rocky and Kook shop – and via www.aylesburyfriars.co.uk