Could you help to add to the entertainment in Aylesbury town centre?

Talented performers of all varieties are being encouraged to busk in Aylesbury to help make the town a more vibrant and entertaining place to visit.

The Aylesbury Town Centre Partnership is looking to 'help improve the range of sights and sounds on offer' and is encouraging performers of all types, not just musicians, to come forward.

Library image of a busker performing

Library image of a busker performing

Diana Fawcett, Aylesbury town centre and regeneration manager said: “If there are any local groups that would be interested in doing a performance and showcasing their talent, please get in touch.

“We would love to hear from anyone, from karate and dancing groups to choirs, musicians and jugglers.

“We're always looking for ways to make Aylesbury an exciting and engaging experience for our visitors, which is why we have speciality markets, events and live entertainment all year round.

“You might not have even thought about it yet, but street performance is a great way to showcase all the amazing things that you can do.”

If you would like to find out more details or get involved e-mail Diane Harrison on