COLUMN: This week I saw what the Aylesbury David Bowie statue will look like - and you’ll love it!

Six of David Bowie's albums are in the Top 40 best sellers of the year so far. YPN-170118-125122067
Six of David Bowie's albums are in the Top 40 best sellers of the year so far. YPN-170118-125122067

I know I know - not everyone reading this today will be so happy to read this headline - perhaps you’ll even make a mental vow with yourself to purposefully hate the idea even more from now on.

But hear me out.

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

On Monday night reporter Thomas and I were two of a handful of people who got the opportunity to see what Aylesbury’s David Bowie statue is going to look like.

We all trekked deep into the bowels of the Waterside Theatre with sculptor Andrew Sinclair for this privilege, no doubt all hoping not to see a recreation of the now infamous Ronaldo bust which made global headlines this week.

But - what we did see, the sculptor’s maquette from which he will complete the finished work, really was something very special indeed.

Front and centre of course is Ziggy Stardust in all his onstage glory, in bronze which will contain colour to represent the importance of our town on that time in Bowie’s career.

But behind Ziggy stands an older statesmanly Bowie, seemingly looking on with good humour at his earlier incarnation. This figure is not sad or wistful, it embodies a real positivity.

Behind this is a relief work which memorialises key events in Bowie’s career, everything from the most recent Blackstar album to the Goblin King, Aladdin Sane and much much more.

Anyone spending time looking at this will spot so many hidden references - it is really very exciting and beautiful.

Regardless of whether or not you like Bowie himself the statue is not in any way garish or an eyesore. And in my opinion will add something really striking and beautiful to our Market Square arches.

I’ve said it before, but I believe that we should all try our best to feel positive about the David Bowie statue.

We haven’t had to pay any money for it (unless we have wanted to) and what it will more likely than not bring to town is a positive boost, and a sense of optimism which let’s face it - is not to be sniffed at.

Aylesbury is a lovely place to live, and I look forward to seeing tourists who have only come to see the Bowie statue sticking around and discovering that for themselves.