Column: Our wonderful NHS works - and that’s why scrutiny is so important

NHS review will look at what GPs can prescribe
NHS review will look at what GPs can prescribe

Firstly I hope that everyone has had a cracking bank holiday weekend – it’s been my pleasure looking at all the lovely pictures from the fun – not least from the Hope Not Hate event in 
Meadowcroft and the family day at the Bucks Railway Centre. Thank you to all who were happy to pose for our photographers!

I haven’t been very well this week, but a small act of kindness really helped – so I’m going to mention it!

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

I’ve had an infected wisdom tooth, and woke up in the middle of the night in agony – and looking a bit like the 
Elephant Man crossed with a chipmunk.

Since a house move I wasn’t registered with my local dentist so in my agonised state – on newspaper deadline day last week tried to find a new one – eventually I found the Aspire Dental Practice in Elmhurst. The staff agreed to see me the same day (and accepted me as an NHS patient) and off I went to the emergency appointment.

But dear reader I was in a lot of pain – and in my haste and panic got hopelessly lost on the way to the surgery, arriving for the appointment 10 minutes late.

But – seeing my predicament, and no doubt the agonised look in my eye as I tried to explain my situation – the surgery took pity on me, and altered the schedule to fit me in where much needed antibiotics were prescribed. I cannot thank them enough – and the other patients I no doubt held up. Thank you!

Health is a big issue at the moment – particularly with the general election coming up, and our would-be elected representatives will be going all out to convince us that they are doing their level best for our precious NHS.

We’ve featured a story that an extra £1 million has been earmarked for Stoke Mandeville Hospital’s winter plan as our front page story – it is good news and deserves its place. And we will be following this story very closely. Bucks Healthcare do not yet have a concrete plan in place for how the funds are going to be allocated, and I’m sure you, as well as us, are curious to see how that is going to pan out. Because Aylesbury Vale is growing, and while £1 million sounds like a lot of money it’s important that it is spent wisely. Because waiting at A&E sucks, and so does toothache! Email me at or call 01296 619718