Column: It’s election time again - but will it really change anything?

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Well it’s election time here in Bucks and yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May only went and called a general election too!

You could be forgiven for feeling a little bit politics-ed out right now, I know after the Brexit vote, Trump’s rise to power and terrifying global posturing I could certainly do without more change to worry about while I try not to worry about ‘the bomb’.

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

But, that doesn’t mean that we should view these current opportunities for change with apathy - because despite what we may think of them - our politicians are there to work for us.

If we think they are doing a good job we have the opportunity to vote them back in, if we think they are lacking we can cast our vote in another direction. And bonus - at election time we can tell our would-be representitives exactly what we want from the comfort of our own doorstep, and challenge them to do better next time.

Because every vote does actually count, and as my dad always says ‘you can’t moan about the result if you don’t go out and vote.’

And I love moaning, so I’ll be at the polling station on May 4 and June 8 respectively to cast my ballot for that very reason - and because of those wonderful suffragettes, without who I wouldn’t have a vote at all.

This week we’ve got some great pictures in the paper, from the Waterside dance event to the cute animals at the Abbotts View Alpacas open day, we’ve really enjoyed getting out and about this Easter break and covering the fun.

And that’s not going to stop now that it’s term time again.

I’m looking for schools, clubs and organisations who would like a special spread of pictures in the paper to get in touch and make themselves known - we’ll provide the photographer, and all you have to do is get your gang all together, all be happy to be photographed and be prepared to share with all our readers what you are all about. How about that?

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