Cheers! Aylesbury pub landlord delivers free pints to Watermead residents

Kelvin Wong from the Watermead Inn decided to offer a refreshing incentive for people to stay at home during this weekend's lovely weather.
Watermead Inn have been organising food parcels for the vulnerable and keyworkersWatermead Inn have been organising food parcels for the vulnerable and keyworkers
Watermead Inn have been organising food parcels for the vulnerable and keyworkers

He decided he wanted 'to bring the pub' to Watermead residents who were locked down to help save lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The kindhearted landlord said: "Normally most people would have been in the pub on Sunday with the first warm weekend of the year.

"And usually, that means I would be rubbing my hands!

Delivery of parcels to NHS workersDelivery of parcels to NHS workers
Delivery of parcels to NHS workers

"But unfortunately not this year.

"However, as a show of appreciation for everyone all staying home to help save lives and protect our frontline staff - I wanted to bring the pub to them! "

Kevin proceeded to deliver pints from his trailer on Sunday afternoon.

Residents were invited to leave a pint glass outside their homes which Kevin would then top up with a cold beer.

He ensured that no contact was made with the class - pouring the beer from a jug.

Kelvin delivered over 600 pints to thirsty local residents, who were hugely appreciative.

Unfortunately they ran out of beer, so Kevin will be heading out again on Wednesday when the weather is supposed to be great again.

Kelvin said: "My trailer which I take to events has been sitting gathering dust at the moment - so it was nice to get out again.

"I run the Watermead Inn and Miya in Aylesbury, and we have a lot of tap barrels sitting about that can't be returned and the insurance company won't help us either, so it would be a shame for it to go to waste.

"I wanted to give it to the community in Watermead."

Not only this Kelvin and his team is organising food packages which are being delivered to vulnerable people around Aylesbury.

This includes the elderly, those at severe risk of dying due to Coronavirus along with NHS nurses and police too.

Kelvin added: "I've kept all of my staff on at both Miya and the Watermead Inn - they are amazing people.

"We're now all working together to help keyworkers and the vulnerable - the beer giveaway was just to give everybody a bit of a lift.

"We've been giving away food in the freezers along with milk, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables and toilet roll to those who need it most.

"We're helping about 100 people.

"It's great to give something back!"

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