Changes afoot at Waterside multi-storey cark park from this week

Changes afoot at the Waterside car park
Changes afoot at the Waterside car park

Changes in management at the Waterside multi-storey car park mean that floor 2 and 3 be available for general public use from October 9.

The changes will provide an additional 101 parking spaces (96 standard and five disabled) for town centre and theatre visitors.

Floor 1 of Waterside car park will be controlled and operated by Waitrose with a maximum stay of 90 minutes. Please see signage on Floor 1 for full terms and conditions or speak to a Partner at the welcome desk for more information.

Floors 2 and 3 will be managed by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) and will be available for general public use.

From Wednesday 9 October anyone parking on Floor 2 or 3 will have to ‘pay & display’ either using the ticket machines in the car park or pay-by-phone by calling 0330 400 7275 or registering for the service by going to

The current scale of charges is displayed on ticket machines and on notices in the car park.

See notices in the car park and in-store for details. Waitrose customer will also be able to park on Floors 2 or 3 but will have to pay & display and will not get these parking charges refunded.

Councillor Julie Ward, AVDC Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities, said: “changing level 2 of the car park to general public use will provide an additional 101 spaces. It has also enabled us to remove the time restriction of 2 hours.

“The change is particularly welcomed as we move towards Christmas with the winter markets and other seasonal retail offers in the town centre and the busy pantomime season starting in early December at Waterside Theatre.

“It also responds to the call for extra parking given the success of new restaurants and bars in the area including Rococo Lounge, The Grill Steakhouse and Zizzi in The Exchange and Miya, in the former police station”.