Can YOU help us find killer of RAF Halton girl Rita Ellis? We are looking for boys who recognised man in car that night

Rita Ellis
Rita Ellis

The Bucks Herald is currently investigating the unsolved murder of RAF Halton servicewoman Rita Ellis.

Rita was living and working at RAF Halton in November 1968, when she was brutally murdered after setting off to go babysitting.

She had been due to babysit for Wing Commander Royston Watson, but when he arrived to collect her that evening she was nowhere to be seen.

The next morning a serviceman walking his dog came across Rita's body on the edge of a farmer's field, close to where the Wendover Heights Veterinary Surgery stands today.

She had been sexually assaulted and strangled with an item of her own clothing.

At the time rumours were rife that the 19 year-old was pregnant by an RAF man, but Rita's inquest report proved conclusively that the shy teenager was in fact a virgin when she died.

For the past four months The Bucks Herald has been investigating this crime, and trying to uncover new information that may lead to finally catching Rita's killer.

A DNA profile has been recovered by police, and Thames Valley's cold case team has agreed to test any suspects that we may unearth.

On the night of the murder a group of teenagers were standing outside the Halton Service Station, across the road from Babington Road which leads up to The Spinney.

The Bucks Herald understands that during their evening, a man drove past in a car who the boys in the group recognised, and they waived and made comments at the vehicle.

Later on those same teenagers heard a scream, and the next day Rita's body was found very close to that area.

We would like to speak with any of the people who were at the Halton Service Station that evening, and we will treat anything you say in the strictest of confidence.

None of the people at the service station are suspects.

Were you one of the boys who recognised the man in the car? Or do you know someone who was a teenager at the time, and knew people in Halton and Wendover to socialise with?

Any information, no matter of insignificant you think it could be, could help piece together a new theory.

Please get in touch by calling Bucks Herald editor Hayley O'Keeffe on 01296 619718 or emailing to