Can you give a Booker Park School's Doyle, the doggy hero a home?

Patience the dog helping out schoolkids at Stocklake Park
Patience the dog helping out schoolkids at Stocklake Park

Booker Park have had a new recruit, Doyle the Labrador/Golden Retriever cross, and they are looking for a kind family to look after him on his days off.

Doyle has completed his training and is now ready to help kids at the Vale Federation of schools in Aylesbury.

Patience the dog helping with physiotherapy

Patience the dog helping with physiotherapy

This includes Stocklake Park, Booker Park and

Amanda Housego from the Vale Federation said: "Our School Dogs work part-time at local schools, Stocklake Park School and Booker Park School, supporting students with their learning and development.

"We need help from local volunteers who can look after these life-changing dogs and commit to transporting them to and from school.

"If you live in or close to Aylesbury, have a secure garden, have suitable transport and can commit to dropping Doyle off at school for 08:30 and collect at 12:00 or 15:30 2 ½ - 4 days per week then we look forward to hearing from you."

Could you provide Doyle with a loving home?

Could you provide Doyle with a loving home?

The Vale Federation will provide full support and all dog food, veterinary care and associated costs are covered.

Amanda continued: "All we ask is that Doyle is exercised, cared for and treated as part of the family."

Zeus and Doyle are two highly trained school dogs which assist students with special educational needs.

Their work focuses on a 'therapy based' approach.

For example, physiotherapy.

The dogs will help children by assisting students in tasks designed to improve mobility such as stretching, reaching and balancing.

They also help with speech and language therapy for the children, and also help children out in the community.

For example, they reduce the impact of environmental distractions students face when they are out in town. The dogs focus the kids, students follow the dog, stop at kerbs along with the dog and help guide the decision making of the children when they are in unusual environments.

Doyle will also play a vital role in helping children develop a greater sense of responsibility by caring for the animal, and learning about self care and hygiene.

If this is something you or your family would be interested in doing, please contact or call 07939043214 for more information,