Call for clarity over Hampden Fields plans

Mark Winn
Mark Winn

The nitty gritty over plans to build homes on Hampden Fields is still under discussion - and local councillors are wading into the debate.

Bedgrove councillors Mark Winn and Tom Hunter-Watts have spoken out, saying that while they are encouraged about plans for a new road, they feel that the plans need refining further to make a better deal for existing residents.

Councillor Winn said: “There is a lot more to do, the road needs to be be duelled all the way, and join up with the proposed woodlands development in the north.

“It needs to go beyond to join as one with the Stoke Mandeville bypass, HS2 are building in the south.

“Only then would our residents in Bedgrove benefit.”

He added: “We need houses for the children of those living in Bedgrove, and for those we have met even at my age who are forced to live with their parents.

“Research for the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan showed that 75% of residents now would not be able on their wages to buy a house at the bottom of house prices in Aylesbury.

“Luckily some may have jumped on the ladder already, but others have not, or can’t afford to and that’s who we need to consider. Unless we do something the future is grim.”

And the councillors called for residents to get in touch with them, and say how they feel about the development, so that they can feed it back to decision makers.

Councillor Winn added: “All of this is not to say that we should just accept any development and that is why I and Tom are looking for comments from our residents on Hampden Fields.

“We will then put those points through when the planning application is published to try and force change and to is neccessary oppose.”

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