Call for Alfred Rose Park gates to be locked at night after antisocial behaviour

Councillor Susan Morgan
Councillor Susan Morgan

A councillor has called on AVDC to either deal with antisocial behaviour at an Aylesbury park or hand back control to the town council.

Residents are requesting action be taken after needles and drug paraphernalia have been found by parents and dog-walkers using Alfred Rose Memorial park, in Aylesbury.

Lib Dem councillor Susan Morgan has asked for the gates at the park to be locked overnight, to prevent people from taking drugs and playing loud music after hours.

She said: “The clear answer to stop all of this is to have the park gates locked again at night.

“Those using the park at night are making life for residents hell. People's gardens back onto the park and they're having to deal with needles being chucked over their fences.”

The park has recently undergone improvement works to make pathways and entrances more accessible.

Residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with the completed work, stating that the idea the park has now been made safer “could not be further from the truth.”

Susan continued: “Aylesbury Town Council have asked AVDC to transfer the park back to the town in the past but this was refused.”

“They’ve also previously argued that they need revenue in order to pay for the park gates to be locked but. Surely the cost of the police time outweighs the cost of locking the park gates.”

Chris Oliver, community safety advisor at AVDC, said: “Despite recent improvements to Alfred Rose Memorial Park, AVDC’s Community Safety Team is aware that there are issues regarding anti-social behaviour in the area.

“We are continuing to work with police and other partners within the Community Safety Partnership to identify further measures to help tackle this problem."