Business near Aylesbury goes to 'next level' after working for television shows

Two television programmes have helped propel a local business to success

By James Lowson
Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 11:53 am

A chance phone call from a television production company has completely changed the trajectory of a business near Aylesbury.

Vivid Element Detailing, in Haddenham, was contacted by producers back at the start of 2021 and 12 months later the business is thriving.

Owner Martin Abraham and his team have taken over detailing duties on two Discovery Channel television programmes.

Martin at his studio with Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers

Staff at Vivid are tasked with getting all sorts of vehicles looking spick and span, ready for the small screen.

Film crews have visited Martin and his team, their work can be seen on the most recent season of Wheeler Dealers and the upcoming Dream Cars spinoff series.

In Wheeler Dealers Martin can be seen teaching presenter and former Formula 1 engineer, Marc 'Elvis' Priestley, about machine polishing.

Martin told the Bucks Herald: "For me, It's been an absolute blast. It's led to quite a few other gigs from people all round the country.

filming at the Haddenham business

"I'm incredibly lucky to have been given the chance."

One of the ways the grassroots business from Haddenham has seen it's reputation transform has been the growing relationship Martin enjoys with presenter, Mike Brewer.

Now, the successful car dealer, who co-hosts the show with Marc 'Elvis' Priestley, brings his cars over to Haddenham when he needs any work done.

Martin added: "I do his own vehicles for him from time to time, detail them, and get them looking pristine.

Marc 'Elvis' Priestley's secret stash of chocolate bars

"It's the social media sharing that he's done. He's got a massive, massive following. I did a Ferrari for him, and I really went to town on it, making it look pristine

"When he put it out on social media. It went ballistic. I was getting enquiries from as far as Leeds and Manchester."

The combination of impressing someone with influencer-like status and transforming vehicles for television. has truly taken the business from local to national.

Martin also now gets the opportunity to get his hands on a calibre of car that might otherwise have not made its way to the Bucks area.

He added: "It opened the door for other things. It turned my business from a steady business, into one that's busy and chaotic at the minute.

"The choice of work coming through, has definitely been as a result of the Wheeler Dealer series.

"It has moved it massively onto the next level. I've had some jobs come in from various parts of the country, that I would never ever have got to work on in the past.

"I've had the privilege to work on some brilliant classic, expensive cars. Some of the people who have brought their cars to me, I know they're from the tv personality world.

"They remain anonymous, but they go to a lot of trouble to get their cars delivered to me."