Burglars remove barrels from doors of properties in Buckingham and Winslow before stealing items

Police are investigating two burglary incidents in Buckingham and Winslow in which barrels were removed from door locks in order to force entry.
Burglary library imageBurglary library image
Burglary library image

In the first incident on Comerford Way, Winslow, overnight between September 23 and 24, thieves entered the property via the rear patio doors, removing the barrel in order to do this.

They gained access to the patio by cutting off the locks on the side gate of the house which leads to the garden.

Police say 'a tidy search' of the property was conducted with only a few cupboards and drawers on the ground floor being opened.

It is believed criminals were searching for the victim's car keys as in the end the only item that was stolen was a wallet.

It is reported that four people were seen exiting either a dark coloured Audi or a Mercedes A6 estate however no description of them is available.

The second incident took place on Needlepin Way, Buckingham, on September 24 between the hours of 10.30pm and 5.30am in which thieves removed the barrel from the rear patio door to gain entry to the property.

When in the property, a small search took place and two items were stolen - a box containing spare keys and a pair of Nike trainers.

Police believe that thieves were once again trying to locate the vehicle keys with the aim of stealing the cars.

There is no description of the offenders in this incident however it is believed that either a dark Audi or Mercedes estate was used.

If you have any information about the incidents report details via the Thames Valley Police website, or call 101, quoting reference numbers 43190295124 for the Buckingham incident or

quoting reference 43190295149 for the Winslow incident.