Buckingham connection for school Question Time panel in Bucks

There were links with Buckingham and with the Labour Party old and new at a school Question Time event in Bucks.

By Hannah Richardson
Monday, 4th April 2022, 3:17 pm

Mark Brown, a member of the party’s Buckingham Branch, joined Earl Attlee, who was educated at Stowe School, on a Question Time panel at the John Hampden School.

Organised by politics students and teachers from the High Wycombe school, the event aimed to bring national politics to life, with students asking questions on subjects ranging from Net Zero to the power of social media.

The war in Ukraine was not far from anyone’s minds, with students asking numerous questions around the issue.

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Mark Brown, left, and Earl Attlee at John Hampden School

Mark Brown is a member of the Labour Party’s Future Candidates Program, which supports Labour members to put themselves forward as prospective MPs. He is also Trades Union Liaison Officer for Buckingham Labour and chair of the Co-operative Party in Bucks.

He and Conservative peer Earl Attlee, the grandson of former Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee, were joined on the panel by Peter Ford, the former British Ambassador to Syria, and Toni Brodelle of Wycombe Liberal Democrats.

Keeping them in line was Baroness D’Souza, the former speaker of the House of Lords.

Mark Brown said: “Engaging young people with politics is so important - the decisions we make locally and nationally affect all of our lives.

The Question Time panel

“Young people are the future - we need them to be involved in decisions made now.

"Just on climate change and Net Zero, young people are the ones who will live with the effects of decisions we make now.”