Barbara Muir loses an incredible nine and a half stone with Slimming World in Meadowcroft

Barbara Muir, 51, who is a member of the Meadowcroft Slimming World Group has lost an incredible NINE AND A HALF stone!

Monday, 23rd December 2019, 11:44 am
Updated Monday, 23rd December 2019, 11:46 am
Barbara has lost nine and a half stone with Slimming World

Barbara, 51, is a driving instructor from Aylesbury and by her own admission has always been a classic 'yo-yo dieter'.

But she always found that however much weight she lost, it soon piled back on and in some cases, it was worse than before.

An emotional eater, Barbara says ate when she was happy, she ate when she was sad, in fact she just couldn’t stop eating.

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An amazing transformation

Like a lot of women, having two children only added to her weight problems.

Barbara first discovered Slimming World about 15 years ago in the days where the program consisted of ‘red’ and ‘green’ days. She lost a significant amount of weight relatively easily and loved the support that the group gave.

But as is often the case, she stopped going to group and with the breakdown of her marriage and a subsequent difficult relationship, her weight gain quickly began to snowball.

Barbara’s job as a Driving Instructor certainly didn’t help the situation.

Unsocial hours spent sitting for hours on end and a diet consisting of hurriedly consumed petrol station sandwiches, crisps and chocolate soon resulted in an all-time high on the scales, a constantly aching back and a size 24 wardrobe.

She kidded herself with clever clothing choices and filtered photographs that things were not that bad, but pictures taken with her grandson on Christmas Day 2018 made her realise that she really had to do something!

She also knew that although she as such had no weight related health issues, this couldn’t possibly continue if she carried on as she was.

Barbara remembered the support she received from Slimming World before and knew she wanted to go back.

She went online, found a group that was launching on New Year’s Day and with apprehensive determination plucked up the courage to go along.

She was delighted to learn about Slimming World’s Extra Easy Plan which meant that she was pretty much able to eat anything.

She started eating breakfast and made packed lunches every day, always ensuring variety so as not to get bored.

The weight started to fall off and for the first time ever she found nherself developing a healthy relationship with food.

The first few weeks in group were hard but by staying to Image Therapy and getting involved with the Social Team, she quickly made so many new friends and with the support of her

Consultant and the Group as a whole, her weight fell week after week.

A mere year since she started Barbara is a size 8/10, has lost nearly 9 and a half stone and has found a whole new lease of life. “I can’t believe how successful and how easy it’s been” she said.

“Every aspect of my life has changed for the better. I’m 51 and do an incredibly sedentary, albeit stressful job, and yet Slimming World

has proved that age and activity levels are no obstacle. I just hope my story inspires

others to overhaul their lives as I have. Words really can’t express the difference it


Barbara is a member of the Meadowcroft Slimming World group, at the Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community Centre, Aylesbury on Tuesday evenings. This group was taken over by new Consultant Jess Levett in October, who herself lost over 7 stones in 18 months.

Jess says “it was a true honour to ‘inherit’ Barbara, when I took over the group as their new consultant. She is such an incredible support to the rest of the group, especially all the new members that have joined us over recent weeks. Her story is so inspirational and she looks absolutely sensational”.

If you’re inspired by Barbara’s story and would like to know more about Slimming World, Jess would be delighted to hear from you. Call or text 07407 222017 and make your 2020 dreams come true.