Aylesbury youngster donates birthday gifts to Stoke Mandeville Children's Ward

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A kind-hearted boy from Aylesbury has demonstrated his selflessness by donating his birthday gifts to poorly children.

Just 7 years old and completely on his own volition, Aylesbury Youngster Jenson has donated all of his birthday presents to children in need at Stoke Mandeville children's ward and the Helen and Douglas House Hospice in Oxford.

We spoke to Jenson's dad Charlie, who said he could not be prouder of his son.

He said: "The idea was completely from him. He suggested it off hand when we were talking about what he'd like for his birthday.

Jenson initially wanted to donate his presents to an orphanage, however Charlie had to explain to him that they don't exist anymore.

Charlie continued: "We were quite surprised when he suggested it, but it really made us realise what a special boy he is.

"Jenson I think realises he's in a fortunate position compared to a lot of children. It is so inspiring for a child of his age to be thinking about others. Children do often think about themselves and can't see beyond what they want, that's why we were so surprised about him wanting to give all of his presents away to children in need.

"He’s just everything you’d want a seven-year-old boy to be: kind and considerate and caring."

Jenson is set to start at Wendover Junior School for the new school term this month.

His dad said he started to look around with his mum Dee about who was taking presents, as some charities can't accept certain gifts.

They found The Stoke Mandeville Children's Ward and the Helen and Douglas House Hospice.

The Helen and Douglas House Children's Hospice have a wishlist for children.

Helen House opened its doors in 1982 as the world’s first children’s hospice, for young children receiving end of life care.

When they arrived, Jenson, Dee and Charlie were met with a play therapist who explained who the toys would be given to, and thanked them for their donations.

Charlie added: "Jenson can sometimes struggle with self confidence in certain areas but he's such a humble young boy and just wanted to make others happy. He always looks after his younger brother and is a great role model for him."

Helen and Douglas House Children’s Hospice gave him a certificate thanking Jenson for his donations.

The play leader on the children’s ward at Stoke Mandeville Hospital commented:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jenson and his family last week. The presents we received were amazing and will most certainly provide lots of pleasure and well needed distraction to our patients on the children’s ward.”