Aylesbury women go through mud, sweat and fears for charity

Lori Marshall (in the air) and Cosette Dunlop
Lori Marshall (in the air) and Cosette Dunlop

Two Aylesbury women have been taking part in numerous national and international challenges for their self-made fundraising project ‘Mud, Sweat and Fears’.

Lori Marshall and Cosette Dunlop, both 29, have in the past three years accomplished the Three Peaks challenge, a trek up an active volcano, a great white shark cage dive, a half marathon and climbed Macchu Picchu to name a few.

Most recently, Cosette ran the London Marathon in April and Lori completed an Olympic triathlon in May.

Lori said: “In 2016, we both felt stuck in a rut and had a need to be a part of something big.

“We decided to do something that would challenge us personally but also help others in the process, and Team Mud, Sweat and Fears was born!”

Originally intended to be nine national and international challenges over two years, it eventually became 11 challenges over three years, all to raise money and awareness for four charities close to their hearts, aptly spelling out the word DAFT:

> Dementia
> Autism (NAS)
> Florence Nightingale Hospice
> Thembalitsha (a charity based in South Africa that helps vulnerable people in the country)

Lori said: “One of the things that never failed to get us through the struggles was thinking of why we were doing it...four reasons, four charities.

“Some of them we knew were going to physically and mentally test us, but we also found that we were surprised by a few of the challenges being a lot tougher than we had anticipated.

“But that’s something that makes completing all the challenges that bit sweeter.

"We truly pushed what we thought were our limits and lived by our motto of mind over matter.”

Cosette said: “For me, my favourite challenge has to be the shark cage dive.

"I have always been terrified of deep water, even the deep end of a swimming pool scared me.

“I still to this day cannot believe I got into a cage in the deep blue with six great white sharks swimming around me!

But the feeling I got afterwards was indescribable.”

Despite everything they have already achieved, Lori and Cosette have said that Mud, Sweat and Fears has now turned into something they will continue as long as they are able to, with discussions of future challenges such as Mount Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp.

So far, the team have raised £5,454.14 of their £6,000 target.

To visit their fundraising page visit https://www.justgiving.com/teams/mudsweatandfears