Aylesbury woman who overcame difficult relationship going for glory in national bodybuilding competition this weekend

Lucy Scroggs competes in a previous bodybuilding competition
Lucy Scroggs competes in a previous bodybuilding competition

A woman from Aylesbury who took up bodybuilding when she started a new chapter in her life is hoping for national honours at the weekend.

Lucy Scroggs, 43, took up the sport three years ago when she started a new chapter in her life after leaving what she described as a 'difficult relationship.'

This weekend she will be competing for the NABBA (National Amateur Body Builders Association) British title - a year after winning the UK equivalent.

If she is successful, Lucy is hoping to compete in the NABBA Universe competition later this year.

Lucy, who says she was 'always a sporty person' got into body-building after being encouraged to by fellow members at Gym Fit 4 Less, the gym where she trains in Aylesbury.

She said: "I have done a lot of sport in my life be it either working in the gym, boxing, half marathons or skiing.

"When the idea of bodybuilding was first suggested the idea of going up on a stage in a bikini top was very scary.

"You are putting yourself out there to be judged and I would suggest that only a small percentage of the population would feel comfortable showcasing themselves in this way."

Lucy combines her training and competing as a bodybuilder with her work as an operational director at a facilities management company in Colchester, Essex.

She said: "I get up at 5.30am each morning, commute to my job, drive home again and then do my bodybuilding training in the evenings and go to bed about midnight.

"I have a very specific and strict diet which involves eating a lot of green vegetables and I have a coach who is based in Northampton that I work with to ensure I have the best diet possible."

Lucy has overcome a lot of challenges in her life - she beat cancer 12 years ago and endured a 'difficult relationship' which she left a couple of years ago.

She is now a domestic abuse champion for Reduce Risk, a domestic abuse organisation based in Oxfordshire.

She said: "I was always a very confident person so the relationship knocked that particularly hard.

"I decided I would adopt a much more positive and 'can-do' attitude and once my bodybuilding took off I began to have an increased presence on social media.

"It was at this point I got messages from people saying I was inspiring them - I didn't set out to do that but to know that I am helping people feel better about themselves is very good."