Aylesbury Vale setting for author's debut novel

An actor turned author has used Aylesbury Vale as the inspiration for his first novel.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 12:34 pm
Michael Lieber with a copy of his new novel The War Hero

Michael Lieber has starred on the stage in shows including Transfer Deadline Day, a dark comedy by Matt Gunn and The Garrick Theatre's version of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Michael spent five years writing his first book entitled 'The War Hero', described as 'a light suspense thriller set in 1920s England.'

The novel was quite an achievement for Michael as he attended the Maple Hayes School for Dyslexia.

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Michael Lieber with a copy of his new novel The War Hero

It is set in Aylesbury Vale and Michael recounted staying in Cheddington as a child.

He said: "Buckinghamshire is the inspiration for a lot of the locations in this book.

"I can recall on family holidays as children we would stay in Cheddington which was great.

"Notes from my diaries about our visits have been used in the book."

Michael explained that the plot of the story took several twists and turns.

He said: "The book is a novel about a man who celebrates his birthday at a country house.

"There is a guest at his party that he does not recognise so he goes over to talk to him.

"He asks the guest if he would like to see his coin collection and when they are alone the guest reveals he has actually been sent there on a mission to kill him.

"The guest says he will be allowed to enjoy his party provided he agrees to meet him at the end of the evening."

Michael dedicated the book to Dr Neville Brown and Dr Daryl Brown, who taught Michael a new and revolutionary method called morpheme, also known as icon therapy in 1998.

On the inside cover there is an inscription that says this book is 'dedicated to Dr Neville Brown and Dr Daryl Brown of Maple Hayes Hall - thank you for the icons.'

Michael said: "Although icon therapy is widely acknowledged now, it was originally only used on 'foreigners'."

Michael, who was born in Wales, said he liked to play 'sinister characters' during his acting career and ensured he worked a 'flawed character' into his novel.

He used Dylan Thomas and William Shakespeare as literary inspiration and is now working on a second novel, which he hopes he will write 'much quicker'!

The War Hero by Michael Lieber is available via Amazon priced at £6.99.