Aylesbury Vale District Council offices to be initial base for the new Buckinghamshire Council

Aylesbury Vale District Council's Gateway offices
Aylesbury Vale District Council's Gateway offices

The Gateway offices, currently the home of Aylesbury Vale District Council, are set to be the base for the new Buckinghamshire Council on an interim basis it has been revealed.

According to a report of the Stoke Hammond parish council meeting sent to one of our sister newspapers the Leighton Buzzard Observer: 'Aylesbury Vale district councillor Ben Everitt gave an insight into how things were progressing towards next year’s single unitary authority.

'Although he wouldn’t be drawn on which of the two current Aylesbury based council head offices might close, we have since learnt that the more modern AVDC Gateway offices are to be used as the new Buckinghamshire Council head office.

'The fate of Bucks County Council’s current head office on Walton Street, Aylesbury is not yet known.'

This information is confirmed in a webcast of the meeting of the Buckinghamshire Council shadow executive last month during which the presenting officer says: 'We are looking for a single location where the senior team can work together as part of a two phase accommodation strategy.

'The first phase includes the implementation of a small unitary headquarters at the Gateway on an interim basis.'

The Buckinghamshire Council will replace the county council and the four district councils on April 1 2020.