Aylesbury Vale District Council bans sale of real fur from all council-run markets in the district

Aylesbury Vale District Council has banned the sale of real fur from all the markets that it runs in the district.

The district council has signed up to the fur free markets scheme and has been given a five-star rating from Respect for Animals - meaning it is one of the best in the country for its policy on real fur.

Library image of real fur at Aylesbury market

Library image of real fur at Aylesbury market

Anti-fur organisation Respect for Animals, which has praised the district council for its stance, has documented numerous cases where hats with real fur bobbles and fake fur bobbles are being sold at the same market, unlabelled, and for the same price.

Real fur can be imported very cheaply from countries where there is virtually no enforced animal welfare legislation.

Mark Glover, campaign director at Respect for Animals said: “Respect for Animals receives numerous complaints from members of the public about real fur on sale at their local markets.

"Aylesbury Vale District Council deserves great praise for ending the sale of real fur in their district.

"Shoppers will be able to enjoy the markets, including the next Christmas markets, without worrying about potentially buying products from the barbaric fur trade.”

Paul Kirkham, Aylesbury market manager added: “I’m very pleased that Aylesbury market has joined up to the fur free markets scheme.

"At Aylesbury market, we’re passionate about working with different partners to provide reassurance to our visitors that they can shop with confidence.

"This scheme provides peace of mind to all our shoppers that the market is fur free.

“As well as being part of the fur free markets scheme, Aylesbury market is also proud to be dementia-friendly, offering a safe and welcoming space to visit and shop.

"The market is also a member of the Real Deal scheme - demonstrating our commitment to safe and fair trading.”