Aylesbury pupils are 'Zero Heroes' after visit from climate change campaigners

Youngsters have signed up to be Zero Heroes
Youngsters have signed up to be Zero Heroes

Youngsters are showing just how seriously they take climate change after having a visit from an environmental campaign group.

To celebrate the end of term, students at St Edward’s primary school in Aylesbury joined a nationwide campaign to tackle climate change, and have pledged to become ‘Zero Heroes’.

Aylesbury students had special lessons about climate change, the environment and learnt about what they could do to help.

The youngsters put their heads together and decided to campaign about environmental issues and make positive changes in their lives to lessen their impact on the climate.

The students were visited by Clive Gallagher, an education volunteer from charity CAFOD, who held an assembly at the school to inform the students of the effects of climate change and what they could all do to help.

CAFOD’s ‘Zero Hero’ campaign was launched in an effort to get communities to head towards a future with zero waste.

Natalia, a Year 4 student, was so motivated after hearing about climate change and attending the CAFOD workshop, she said: “Today I learnt about climate change, I learnt that it affects us all but people living in poverty in the developing world are affected the most. Because of climate change, our weather is getting harder and harder to predict and we might experience droughts, hurricanes and floods.

“Animals like polar bears, pandas, and orangutans are also all having problems with climate change, and are losing their habitats.

“By being a Zero Hero you can do simple things like; re-use plastic bottles and bags, use less water and electricity, and plant more trees.”

Ms Kennedy, a teacher at the school, said: “Since CAFOD has been in, students keep reminding teachers and their fellow students to turn off lights and not to waste. It is great to see how the school has responded to being Zero Heroes!

“From everyone at St Edward’s primary school we would like to say a big thank you to CAFOD for coming in and I hope we all help each other to stop the effects of climate change.”

The school hopes to continue campaigning - and making small changes in their daily lives like recycling and using less plastic.

To get involved in the Zero Hero campaign, visit cafod.org.uk/zero-hero