Aylesbury panto star Andy Collins: "My cupboards have never been more organised than they are since COVID-19"

We asked Andy to share is lockdown experiences, and he's set us a few challenges too!
Andy Collins is embracing life in lockdown by cleaning upAndy Collins is embracing life in lockdown by cleaning up
Andy Collins is embracing life in lockdown by cleaning up

Since lockdown began we have been asking well-known local people and organisations how they are coping during lockdown.

Three Counties Radio DJ, Bucks Herald columnist and Waterside pantomime star Andy Collins shares his views on lockdown, and gives Herald readers a few challenges for next week’s paper! Send your responses to [email protected]

Don’t worry you’re not alone, I’ve run out of cupboards to clean and organise too we can get through this together.

So here we are, five weeks into lockdown. I hope you are well and handling it ok?

It’s scary this COVID-19 lark I know, but the one thing about us lot is we do love a challenge do we not?

And when it comes to tackling adversity we have a good track record over the years of overcoming and beating what ever is thrown at us, and without wanting to get all Winston Churchill, we will win, we will move forward we will clear out that sock drawer for the third time this week!

And that's the thing isn’t it, the toughest challenge we face individually in this present moment of lockdown is keeping our minds and bodies busy for the greater good. To flatten this bloody curve, slow down the virus and help out our bloody amazing NHS and by jet washing the drive, painting the shed, clearing out the loft, organising the cutlery drawer!

By doing this by staying in you are doing your bit so bloody well done you!

And my God that beer is going to taste so good in the pub when this is all over isn’t it!

Its also good at this time of lockdown to enjoy your time with your family, be it family dinners, going on walks together or tackling the dreaded homeschooling. Also what we have definitely done as a family in our house is embrace technology.

Thank goodness for Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Live and the hundreds of other communication/video apps out there.

Nanny and Grandad, aunts uncles and long lost cousins have been Facetimed, conference called or group Zoomed more than they ever where before all this!

As I was saying to my kids, they must really appreciate how lucky they are to have all this. Back in the 70s if this had happened all we would of had is a pen, paper and The Royal Mail.

So to keep you busy and engage your brain here is a challenge for you, give me a list of what over the last five weeks of lockdown you have LEARNT, APPRECIATED AND DREADED.

For me it would be:

My home is now showhouse ready I’ve nothing left to clean, polish or jet wash

It's true what they say a clean and organised cupboard is a clear mind.

That I could never be a school teacher and they deserve a pay rise!

Isn’t it weird to look up into the sky and see no aeroplanes.

Having said that that the other week I looked up and there was single jet plane in the sky, and I regressed to my seven year-old self, and started pointing and shouting in my garden ‘ooooh look a plane’!!

Who knew walks could be so enjoyable and be look forward to, like opening presents on Christmas Day!

And who knew that one day going to the supermarket would take planning and military style precision...

Thank God for box sets, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + etc...

Hand sanitiser and toilet roll is the new gold and diamonds of the world (on that note if you where one of those people who stock piled and purchased 20 odd packets of toilet roll you’re an a *********).

In fact, thinking of it the list could go on and on, so the challenge is give me your top five and send them in to the paper lets see what we all say...

Time for me to go but as always stay safe, stay positive and we will get through this, yes maybe a few pounds heavier (bloody crisp and sweets cupboard getting a bashing ) but we are all doing our bit.

And if you are a key worker what ever you do in life in the future I will always bloody love you!

So please when this is done and dusted pop round for a cuppa, I can show you my very clean and organised sock drawer...