Aylesbury Mum helping pensioners and the vulnerable with food parcels during the coronavirus pandemic

Emily Jayne, who lives in Aylesbury said she has been left feeling heartbroken at pensioners and vulnerable groups being unable to get their weekly shop because of selfish stockpilers.
Emily JayneEmily Jayne
Emily Jayne

Emily said: "In difficult times like these we really need to be supporting each other.

"Some of the empty shelves in Aylesbury actually shame us - we need to be looking after vulnerable groups who need help the most."

Scenes across Aylesbury this week include empty shelves and huge queues outside shop as people 'panic buy' essential items like toilet roll, tinned food and dried pasta.

You can read about that hereEmily will be putting together food packs of: milk, butter bread, tinned food, bacon, sugar eggs, jam and juice to be distributed to the elderly and vulnerable across Aylesbury Vale.

Emily has launched a crowd funder and is co-ordinating with a group of friends to ensure they have enough food to go around.

If you'd like to donate to this project, please click the following link:

https://bit.ly/3dcmk4lShe continued: "My sister has cystic fibrosis and can't get out of the house. She's really worried about having enough food to feed her child and it's taking its toll on her emotionally and physically.

"I just can't get all of the other vulnerable groups out there not being able to eat because people are being selfish. We must help them out in their time of need.

"If we all work together we can give something back to the most vulnerable, to protect them in the most testing of times.

"My grandpa always taught me to give back when we can - so hopefully this can be a good start."

Emily is also looking for volunteers to help deliver parcels - if you think you could be able to do this - please email [email protected] for more information.