Aylesbury inventor’s new
way to exercise the spine

David Hawkes demonstrates his new invention PNL-161010-173331001
David Hawkes demonstrates his new invention PNL-161010-173331001

An Aylesbury inventor is looking for a backer for a device designed to exercise people’s spines and relieve back pain.

David Hawkes, 71, is known for inventing the Snore Wizard about 15 years ago, a mouthpiece designed to stop people snoring.

The device, which Mr Hawkes started working on in an effort to cure his own snoring problems, has been sold worldwide.

Now Mr Hawkes has turned his attention to trying to find a way of curing back pain, something he has also suffered with, and has come up with a spine rehabilitation unit.

Mr Hawkes, who lives in Fairford Leys, said: “I suffered with a slipped disc about 40 years ago.

“The problems have got worse and more irregular over the years as far as my back is concerned.”

The device has been six years in the making and Mr Hawkes said he had very positive feedback when he demonstrated it an event in London.

He said: “Everyone who came across to see it was really impressed.

“I approached three companies to test it and I have had nothing but positive reports.

“The NHS does not offer an alternative to this.”

Mr Hawkes claims this is the only device of its kind in the world.

He added: “It is flat pack and very easy to assemble.

“It is perfectly safe and has a fully certified frame.”

In order to use the unit users clip the padded bag under their armpit and use it to support their upper torso.

Users then put their hands on the handlebars, one foot forward and with their feet touching the floor, bend the knee five to ten times.

Mr Hawkes said: “The point of the device is to exercise your spine.

“It is simple to use and I hope that will help in it being successful.”

Mr Hawkes is now looking for an individual or company willing to back his product to provide financial support to enable him to properly launch the product.

Anyone interested in learning more about the invention should e-mail davidrhawkes@yahoo.com.

Mr Hawkes is pictured, left, demonstrating the product.