Aylesbury Great Grandmother does daring 'wing walk' to celebrate her 90th birthday

Daring great grandmother Livy Birch celebrated her 90th birthday in a unique and scary way!

Livy, who lives in Fairford Leys decided to celebrate turning 90 with a 'wing walk'.

Livvy in position

Livvy in position

Wing walking is being harnessed on top of an airplane during a flight, and is not for the fainthearted!

Livy was born in Wales but moved to Aylesbury as a young child.

She married Ronald Birch and had three children, making her life in the local area.

Sarah Gibbons, Livy's granddaughter said it was a chance mention from her nan last year which set the wheels in motion for the wing walk.

In flight

In flight

She said: "I remember the first time Nan mentioned doing a wing walk, and to be fair we were all a bit shocked but put it down to perhaps a bit of bravado."

"It was only when she mentioned it again at Christmas we thought okay then, she's serious so let's make this happen!"

Livy had to go for a medical to ensure she would be safe to fly, which she passed with flying colours.

"About a week after Christmas Livy got all the forms signed and paid for the medical and we just all thought wow, this is really going to happen!"

Livvy with her certificate

Livvy with her certificate

"She's just a lovely normal nan, this was so unexpected so we were all gobsmacked."

16 of the Birch clan made the journey to Rendcomb Airfield in Cirencester to watch Livy take to the sky.

"When we told the steward at the airfield which one of us was doing the walk, she looked very shocked!"

"She got suited up, watched the safety video and got strapped in without a care in the world. "

"Once she was in position I've never seen someone look so content before doing something like this, she was absolutely fearless."

Livy did five flyby's as the family looked on in admiration, and you can see one of the passes in the attached video.

"When she touched back down to the ground, she came off with the biggest grin imaginable and just said 'that was wonderful!'.

Many happy returns Livy!