Aylesbury Garden Town launches the Community Projects funding Pot

Community Food Growing in QuarrendonCommunity Food Growing in Quarrendon
Community Food Growing in Quarrendon
Aylesbury Garden Town is set to launch a funding scheme to help support local community projects with grants of up to £3,000 now available for not-for-profit and voluntary sector organisations.

The launch of the Community Projects Funding Pot follows the recent unveiling of the Aylesbury Garden Town 2050 Vision, which sets out the key principles for Aylesbury as it evolves over the next three decades.

These include aims to become ‘a green and healthy Garden Town’ with ‘the highest quality of life for all’ and ‘distinctive garden communities’.

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The Community Projects Funding Pot supports the aims in the 2050 Vision, by offering grants to projects that prove eligible and also meet at least one of the three following criteria:

-Improve or enhance local green space

-Increase wildlife habitats

-Promote or support healthy living

Neil Gibson, Aylesbury Garden Town Delivery Board, said, “This is a great opportunity for people living in Aylesbury to bid for a grant to boost an area of their community.

"Perhaps they would like to transform a piece of communal space, or create a wildlife garden, or put in some cycle storage in their neighbourhood. We’re looking for good ideas that will improve life for people in Aylesbury Garden Town and bring local communities together.”

Alongside the Community Projects Funding Pot, there are also plans to expand the successful Community Food Growing programme, which Aylesbury Garden Town launched

earlier this year in Quarrendon.

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Working in partnership with Community Grow and St Peter’s Church, a communal garden was created where local people could grow fruit and vegetables together.

It’s proved popular with all ages and the fresh produce is shared out amongst everyone. Aylesbury Garden Town are now looking to expand the scheme further, with the aim in the future for produce to be shared with local food banks.

Teresa Lane, also a member of the Aylesbury Garden Town Delivery Board commented, “Community food growing creates a great focal point for a neighbourhood, encouraging

people to get to know each other, develop a stronger network and eat more healthily.

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"Gardening in the fresh air is also excellent for physical and mental wellbeing too. We’d love to hear from other communities in Aylesbury who’d like our support to grow food together, so

that more people across the Garden Town can enjoy the benefits.”

To find out more about Community Food Growing or the Community Projects Funding Pot, residents should email [email protected]

The current funding round closes on 14 February 2020.