Aylesbury Beaver Scouts join over 1200 people for Virtual Superheroes Camp @ Home

Last weekend, over 1200 Beaver Scouts (boys and girls aged 6 to 8) and volunteers across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire attended a virtual Superheroes [email protected]

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 10:20 am
Updated Monday, 22nd March 2021, 10:22 am
Beaver Super Hero Camp March 2021

They were joined by many brothers, sisters, parents, carers and pets.

The 24 hour extravaganza provided numerous activities for the children to participate in.

As with any camp the first activity was for the children to pack their kit and this was closely followed by them building a den.

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Dens were built in bedrooms and living rooms using quilts, blankets and sleeping bags.

Tents were pitched in lounges and in some cases in the garden. The event was supported and broadcasted live by Bucks Scout Radio. A new activity was announced every hour and the children then had the rest of the time to carry out the activity.

The children had to make their own costume and, in many cases, a costume for their teddy bear. During the weekend there were opportunities to ask questions of a Police Officer, a Care Worker, a Supermarket Worker and a Doctor.

This gave the children the chance to find out more about what these real life super heroes did every day.

Some of the other activities the children were given to do on the Saturday included, handprints, writing a poem, making an obstacle course, making a superhero out of a potato, making a jet pack and a parachute for their superhero.

After a boisterous camp fire and story all of the Beavers climbed into their dens for a well-deserved sleep.

Sunday started with a superhero workout, a quiz and the opportunity to make a superhero out of any recyclable items they could find. This was followed by an active story involving Sit Man and Stand Girl.

The weekend included many “shout outs” on Bucks Scout Radio, song requests, jokes, superhero facts and the opportunity to post photos onto social media.

]Tessa Ingram (AKA Aqua Girl), lead volunteer for Beaver Scouts in Buckinghamshire said, “When we asked volunteers if they wanted a virtual camp there was an overwhelming “Yes”. Seeing the photos on social media of the children dressing up, building their den, making their obstacle course and doing all of the activities brought a lump to my throat.”

Beaver Scout Mason said, “The whole camp was great. I liked making the jetpack best of all. I’m really looking forward to all of the Beavers being able to meet together again very soon.”

For further information about Aylesbury Scouts, please visit www.bucks-scouts.org.uk