Animals: Don’t let dog campaign cool off

Even though the long hot days of summer might seem a distant memory, the Don’t Cook Your Dog campaign can’t rest.

Monday, 22nd August 2011, 12:20 pm

It’s on changeable days that we see in the dog days of summer that people are most likely to take a risk and leave their dog in the car, say campaigners.

Dogs Today editor Beverley Cuddy said: “Who can forget the policeman who left his two dogs in the car in June? But did you know those dogs weren’t dead when they got them out?

“Their kidneys had stopped working and their brains were bleeding. They had were being cooked alive. Vets are very traumatised by dealing with these sorts of cases, which is why they’ve been so quick to back this new campaign. The fear they see in the dog’s eyes stays with them forever.

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“But who hears about the 6,000 other dogs that the RSPCA is called out to each year?

The Dogs Today campaign promotes a zero tolerance to leaving a dog in a hot car, myth busts the idea that leaving the windows down will be enough and turns normal pet owners into evangelical people taking the message to everyone they meet and giving them a sticker.

Beverley said: “It’s a remarkably simple concept – car stickers that make it plain that cars become coffins in minutes and that dogs cook. The stickers are free – funded by a mixture of charity and business.

“We’ve already printed 250,000 car stickers in less than two months – have you seen one on a car yet?

“ And the campaign is translated into more than 8 languages already! Japanese, Slovakian Welsh... it is spreading at an amazing rate.

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