Andy Collins: "Farewell Mix 96, a beloved part of our local media family"

When I first moved to Aylesbury all those years ago, Mix 96 was a regular listen in our house be it dancing in the kitchen, or keeping an ear out for local roadworks while in the car or shouting out the answers to the radio quiz as we sunbathed in the garden!
Andy CollinsAndy Collins
Andy Collins

A true local station for a local community, over the years especially with my work at Waterside Theatre I’ve built up a great relationship with Mix 96 be it appearing on there shows as a guest or working in partnership with them in switching on the Aylesbury Christmas lights.

A terrific team who truly understood the needs and vibe of its audience, from this Monday it’s no more and that’s a great shame I know a lot of people will be reading this nodding their heads in agreement as I say a massive thank you to everybody at Mix 96 we wish you all the very best and good luck in whatever you do next and please take heart in the knowledge that in your time here on the airwaves of Aylesbury you have made a lot of people smile.

It would of course be remiss of me not say that even though Mix 96 have gone Aylesbury you have not lost your voice or someone to speak on your behalf or stand beside you shoulder to shoulder when you take on a big corporation or a jobs worth in a high viz jacket or even if you just want to announce/ share some good news to the people of Aylesbury of course your local paper The Bucks Herald is here for you as is

The Mix 96 teamThe Mix 96 team
The Mix 96 team

BBC Three Counties Radio if you have a story you want to tell, maybe you’re hitting your head against a brick wall of red tape or just want to dance around the kitchen like you used to as well!

I’ve often said when asked about my home town of Aylesbury what was is like then and how is now well over the years the changes we have all seen in our town has been huge has it not, be it new housing developments, a majestic state of the art theatre or countless new and exciting restaurants/bars pubs, the latest newest venue being The Manor in market square not only offering a fine dining experience, but also a posh and fancy cocktail bar and a roof top terrace, I say again a roof top terrace!

And if I’m being really honest apart from the no trainers shoes only rule (I can’t get in with £189 trainers but my £9.99 specials from shoe zone are ok!) it’s blooming amazing.

Matt the manager and team have done an excellent job of bringing a bit of glamour to little old Aylesbury, the food in the restaurant is tapas style and just outstanding.

The ManorThe Manor
The Manor

I highly recommend the sticky back ribs!

And when I went it was during the heatwave and visiting the very stylish rooftop terrace whilst drinking cocktails ( I highly recommend the espresso martinis ) under the stars you could imagine yourself in LA and not just above the carpark next to the cinema .

I loved it so much I had another four martinis which makes the walk back down the stairs a challenge let me tell you!

Anyway stay safe people! ,

Keep smiling and remember to please get in touch be it via the letters section here in the paper or on my breakfast show at BBC Three Counties Radio.

Love youuuuuuuuuuu

Andy xxxx

You can email Andy via [email protected]

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