All in a week's work: Aylesbury Vale fire crews rescue animals and help child

It has been another busy week for firefighters across Aylesbury Vale - here are a few of the unusual cases they have dealt with over the last few days.

On Wednesday night (June 5) fire crews provided assistance to the RSPCA just after 10pm to rescue a pigeon in difficulty.

East Sussex Fire

East Sussex Fire

Crews used a 13.5-metre ladder and an animal rescue bag to release the pigeon which was trapped on a balcony in Viridian Square, Aylesbury.

The following day (June 6) firefighters removed a plastic ball which was stuck on a boy's finger.

Crews were called to a property on Burleigh Piece in Buckingham just before 1.30pm - the good news is that the boy was uninjured.

Then in the early hours of this morning (Friday) crews were called to rescue a cat in Wendover.

The cat was not stuck up a tree but instead managed to get itself stuck in the engine compartment of a car.

Crews were called to an address in Scarlett Avenue, Wendover at around 12.30am - the good news is that the cat was uninjured.