ALL ABOUT ANIMALS COLUMN: Learn how to save a dog's life!

It's been all about dog first aid this week for The Animal News Agency!

Friday, 30th April 2021, 2:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 11:27 am
Lucy aged 9, who goes to Waddesdon C of E School set up Wild For Animals with her dad Adam, and no animal topic is off limits.

Clients The iPET Network invited the media to their training school to learn how to save a dog's life in a range of situations.

This is for a series of videos which will be used in national media, and will provide an essential resource for the scores of lockdown puppy owners.

From what to do if your dog eats chocolate, to how to dress a wound, no stone was left unturned on the day. There was even an appearance from Casper, the rubber dog first aid mannequin, which is used for demonstrating CPR.

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So do watch out for that in your newspapers or online soon!

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A big shout out this week to the next generation of Home Counties animal lovers, as we introduce amazing Lucy King, who has set up her very own animal blog!

Lucy aged 9, who goes to Winslow CofE School set up Wild For Animals with her dad Adam, and no animal topic is off limits.

From brilliant animal-themed days out in this area, to animal books and bedroom decorations, the blog is the go-to for any wild at heart youngster and their parents.

Well done Lucy, the animal kingdom needs your support!

Visit to find out more.

And speaking of animals needing support, you may remember in my last column me talking about Sophie, the rescue dog we are adopting from China.

Sophie was rescued from the cruel dog meat trade, which the NoToDogMeat charity is campaigning tirelessly to end.

And this week the charity received some wonderful news. The local government in the city of Yulin, famed for its gruesome Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, has moved to ban the live slaughter of all animals.

This is part of wider move in China by the government to end the dog and cat meat trade, which is not only cruel, but unsanitary too and can lead to the spread of disease.

So this looks like the end of the barbaric Yulin festival forever, a tremendous win for the campaigning organisation!

To find out more about NoToDogMeat and the work they do to save dogs and cats from the meat trade go to


Aside from the regular reasons to take your dog to the vets for example vaccinations, weight management and puppy socialising classes, if they haven't had one recently, it's always a good time to take your dog for a health check.

We recently lost our little 'white womble' Nessie, and endured a very sad trip to vets when her 15 year-old life was at an end.

She was so calm and 'ready', but we miss her so much.

In life though, Nessie never minded visiting the vet, and was happy to get on the table, sit on the scales and wait patiently while her mum and dad received any news or advice which was being handed out.

Little Lemmy our younger dog on the other hand is a very different story, and for many dogs the vet is not their preferred destination, many pet parents know this only too well.

Vet anxiety can be due to bad experiences like remembered injections, operations or simply separation from their owner in an unfamiliar environment. This can make future visits a challenging time, as this can manifest in aggression, fear, over-excitement and other challenging behaviours.

This handy guide offers five top tips to help make a trip to the vet less of an ordeal!