8-year-old Matthew Cooper organises charity fun run for the Homeless

Anne and Matthew Cooper
Anne and Matthew Cooper

Budding philanthropist Matthew Cooper, just 8 years old has organised a fun run, with all money raised going to Aylesbury Homeless Action Group.

The run starts at the start of the Greenway, it goes along the Greenway, and it finishes at Waddesdon Manor.

Matthew at the Waddesdon Greenway

Matthew at the Waddesdon Greenway

The run is set 10am on June 1st.

You can sign up to the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/425492398024089/
His mother, Anne: "He's always had a softspot for homeless people, he always wants to give them food or money

"He is a wonderful boy, whenever we go out he always insists on us taking extra snacks for those in need.

"When it snowed, the first thing he said to me was I hope people living on the street aren't too cold, and insisted we went out and bought gloves and hats to give to people who live on the streets.

Sarah Welford, from Aylesbury Homeless Action Group said:

"We need more Matthews!

"What an amazing young man he is and we are very privileged to have him as a fundraiser.

"Thank you so much for your efforts Matthew."

Matthew's inspiration for the fun run however, came from an unlikely source, Peppa Pig!

Anne continued: "Randomly, we were watching Peppa pig, and the Daddy pig does a fun run to raise funds for charity. It was a bit of a lightbulb moment for Matthew and he said he really, really would like to do something similar for the Aylesbury Homeless Action Group.

Anne said after a few conversations with Aylesbury Homeless Action Group, they agreed and have given the greenlight to the fun run on June 1.

She added: "I'm very proud of him, I really am. He cares deeply about others and it's an admirable trait to posses.

"He's been grinning from ear to ear every since we got the all clear."

They are looking for stewards, and can contact people

We need a Marshall at each road crossing, there are 5 crossings and we currently 3 - looking for two more.

You can donate to AHAG here: