007’s Aylesbury licence to thrill

Daniel Craig as James Bond in SPECTRE
Daniel Craig as James Bond in SPECTRE

The new James Bond film offered more than your usual cinematic experience for Aylesbury’s film fans, when the Odeon offered a Spectre spectacle on Monday night.

The Exchange Street joined venues across the nation as the film took the unusual step of having screenings across the country on the same night as the UK premiere.

And Bond fans reacted with all EIGHT showings being sell-outs or near-sell-outs.

Korin Morgan, the venue’s general manager said: “We also had a live band, Big Band Swing, playing James Bond themes, other film tunes, plus some of their own numbers. That was great, and meant that people were entertained even when they were queueing up.

“It was also unusual to have so many showings in quick succession - we used to do it in the old days when you’d be projecting from 35mm film, but we don’t do it so much now. The last time we did it was for the last Bond film, Skyfall, and the next time will probably for the new Star Wars film.”