Penn Road residents angry over inconsiderate parking from commuters

A petition has been started by residents unhappy at parking problems outside their homes in Aylesbury.

Wednesday, 28th September 2016, 5:00 am

Residents of Penn Road have petitioned Bucks County Council to impose permit-only parking in their street after enduring daily problems parking by their houses.

The petition says: “Every day between approximately 8am and 6pm it is virtually impossible to find a parking space on Penn Road, let alone one that is anywhere near your house.

“The road is used by many town workers and London commuters, to avoid paying parking charges in the town.

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“It is a massive inconvenience and in addition to this many residents cars are being damaged in the process, as these non-residents are trying to squeeze into every available gap.

“Not only are these non-residents taking up the majority of the parking spaces on the road, they are also parking dangerously - on the paths, junctions and across people’s driveways.

“Not only would permit parking simplify the lives of the residents it would also provide more income to the council, as these town workers/commuters/shoppers would then have to pay for parking in the town centre.”

Labour councillor for the Southcourt ward Mark Bateman, who is among those that has signed the petition said: “I’m not surprised the residents have decided to take action.

“I have asked about this on the residents behalf but the district council don’t seem to want to entertain it.”

Cllr Bateman says as well as Penn Road, other areas affected are Montague Road, towards the Bourg Walk Bridge, some areas of Southcourt and Prebendal Avenue.

He said: “I guess people don’t want to pay the car parking charges and that is why they are parking there.

“I support the residents whole-heartedly and I can see why they have reached the end of their tether.

“The next stop is to try and get Transport for Bucks on board,” he added.

The e-petition was launched on September 14 and runs until October 14.

At the time of going to press, it had 40 signatures.