Parking nightmare for Temple Street shops

Temple Street business owners
Temple Street business owners

Temple Street businesses have been left fuming by ‘inconsiderate’ road users parking on yellow lines, obstructing the loading zones on the opposite sides of the street.  The parked cars have been blocking the road, meaning delivery drivers are unable to drop off their goods.

Andy Coombs, from Andy’s Carpets and Blinds on Temple Street, said: “It’s getting absolutely ridiculous now.

“We are in a situation where Tufnell’s are refusing to deliver goods up the street because of these inconsiderately parked cars.

“A week ago, a delivery driver got a ticket because he couldn’t get past these inconsiderate drivers. How am I supposed to run my business if I can’t get deliveries?”

Kay Lewis, the owner of Rocky and Kook, said: “We struggle to park quite often and it would be great for the small businesses to have their say on this matter. I’ve had tickets countless times, sometimes well within the three minutes.

“Sometimes I am lugging heavy things, and have to move them downstairs to the Stockroom – when I come back I’ve got a ticket! It’s not fair that other people appear to be getting away with it.”

Paul Fretton, the owner of Jordan’s Jewellers said: “I’ve had a few parking tickets for people loading. With jewellery delivery it’s important people get close to the shop, to avoid robbery. A few times now delivery drivers have got tickets, as they couldn’t get close.

“They park on the pavement, all day, obstructing, getting in the way. Wheelchairs and pushchairs can’t get passed. I was under the impression it was illegal, but clearly that’s not the case. Two of our drivers got a ticket but there’s no space for them to park.

Andy added: “The worst thing is, they see the warden coming and they just drive around the block until they have gone.

“One rule for them, another for everybody else. It’s disgusting really. It’s affecting all of our businesses and something needs to be done.

“Nowhere near enough is being done to enforce parking rules.

“They’ve asked us to go in and see them so they can move their car, but it’s only when the wardens come that they actually decide to move them.

“Once they leave, they just come right back around the block again and park up. The company in charge of parking on Temple Street need realise that the street is not being monitored or used correctly. It’s affecting our business, but it’s very annoying too.

“I’ve got more aggravation with deliveries than anything. I have to babysit the road, I have to ring the parking people every five minutes so I can get a delivery. We are in a situation now where we are considering putting up CCTV cameras, and collecting evidence of the illegal parking.

“We will then pass it on to the police.”

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