Why not have a final public vote on Brexit? But we MUST make sure that result is honoured says editor Hayley O’Keeffe

Brexit debateBrexit debate
Brexit debate
This week we went to the polls - and Aylesbury Vale has spoken.

Last time the Vale signalled that we wanted to leave the European Union - but, if the results of this latest vote are anything to go by - we have had a change of heart.

It seems to us that over the weekend, every side except the two main parties has been keen to spin the results to their own ends.

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And indeed there is something for everyone - and seemingly a get-out clause if the figure being touted does not support your view.

But, what is inescapable is the fact that this nation is deeply divided over this issue, and that simply The Brexit Party winning the most seats is not the whole story here, however compelling.

Nigel Farage and key local remainers spoke to us this week about the results, and we have always been proud to represent all sides in this debate - bringing you the closest we can get to the truth of the matter, and representing all views.

But how about this? Both sides claim that they would win a second EU referendum, so neither side should be particularly frightened of one. Farage believes his party could even win a general election.

Why not settle it once and for all - and find out what the will of the people is now that voters have seen the

political fall out and chaos, then make sure whatever is voted for actually happens?!