Tracy's Column: "I'm always on the lookout for health establishments, and I've found one here"

Bucks Herald Columnist Tracy kiss shares her thoughts on the new Deli at Gym Fit 4 Less in Aylesbury

By Tracy Kiss
Thursday, 14th February 2019, 11:12 am
Updated Monday, 18th February 2019, 9:24 am
Tracy's Column: "I'm always on the lookout for health establishments, and I've found one here"
Tracy's Column: "I'm always on the lookout for health establishments, and I've found one here"

She writes

"Being a keen gym goer, I’m always on the lookout for healthy establishments to support my active lifestyle and assist in achieving my fitness goals. In fitness, meal-prep and training go hand-in-hand with nutrition accounting for around 70% of your bodyweight and training 30%. They say abs are made in the kitchen and it’s certainly not an understatement, as the way in which we fuel our bodies with food has a dramatic effect on our body shape and size.

"The Gym Deli is a meal prep service and healthy eating establishment coming to GymFit4Less gym, Britannia Walk, Aylesbury. On Saturday 9th February they’ll be launching their new deli hub which will open to the public for both gym goers and first-timers alike to experience a taste of the delicious menu, have a game of pre-workout beer pong, join in a healthy sober rave and meet with the team to answer any questions about diet plans and nutrition.

"Providing fresh coffee, turmeric lattes, herbal healing teas, succulent protein pancakes and waffles as well as fruit and vegetable juices; the Gym Deli hub is the ideal place to grab a coffee with friends, work at a laptop during a healthy lunch break, relax before the next fitness class or hang out and enjoy the free wifi.

"Founder, Natalie Simone Jones, has the ethos of educating people in healthy nutritious food to make the most of their health and fitness. Her aim is to get people thinking about the food they eat by planning meals in advance in order to make healthier more consistent lifestyle choices.

"Breaking old habits can be difficult, which is where meal-preparation is just the organisation needed in our busy lives. Having healthy, nutritious, feel-good food delivered directly to your door - for free within Aylesbury and for a small fee across Bucks and surrounding areas - everything necessary to lose weight, gain energy and improve performance is right at your fingertips minus the guilt of fast-food or any dirty dishes!

"The bespoke Gym Deli menu contains all of the necessary macro nutrients with balanced carbohydrates, protein and vegetables to assist in weightloss and maintenance alike. Customers can book an appointment with the on-site friendly team of sports therapists, clinical nutritionists, and athletic performance specialists to better understand their lifestyle and structure their nutritional needs to coincide with new or existing personal training plans and fit around work routines.

"Meal-preparation is a service to suit all lifestyles and needs bringing fresh, wholesome, healthy and nutritious food directly to your door with the choice of between 1-3 meals per day. Whilst some may start by trying one healthy lunch a time you can also buy a selection of 28 meals to pop into the freezer to experience a month of healthy dinners and the positive impact that it has on your mood and energy levels.

"They also have a delicious vegan range which I’ve been making my way through and I’m rather enjoying the time saved each day which would otherwise have been spent queuing at a busy supermarket and slaving over a hot stove everyday. I can lose weight whilst eating delicious fresh food and feel great - preparation is key!"