Letters to the editor - including HS2, Brexit and how your group could get a cash boost!

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Could you scheme get a boost from fund?

I would like to let your readers know that funding from our Affinity Water Community Engagement Programme will soon be coming to a close. Community groups and charities in the area have until 24 May 2019 to apply for funding.

The funding we offer is particularly for projects which support sustainable water use, have a positive environmental impact or help disadvantaged groups in the community.

Applications must be for specific projects, not general fundraising and will be reviewed by a team of people from across the company after the closing date of 24 May 2019.

We are a community-focused organisation serving local people and we want to be involved in projects which benefit the communities we serve, so we would like as many organisations as possible to have the chance to benefit from this programme. We encourage them to visit our website to apply www.affinitywater.co.uk/communityengagement

Beverley Taylor

Afinity Water


Have we become an intolerant nation?

The letter from “Johnny Heartbreaker” and his Rock against Racism raises some interesting questions about impartiality in his plea to ignore both UKIP and the Brexit parties in the forthcoming European elections on the 23rd. May.

Let me state now,

That I am not, and never have been a member of any political party, I have never met nor do I wish to meet Tommy Robinson, But in listing this persons convictions to support an argument on who to vote for is rather shallow.

To me, It is quite amazing of how Intolerant we have become as a nation of other peoples opinions, and just how Selective the arguments we see to support one political view over another, your correspondent uses two columns to talk about racism and honesty lacking in the UKIP and Brexit parties, but not a word about the Labour party stricken with the scandal of Anti-Semitism, and the latest MP to be thrown in Jail was the Labour MP for Peterborough,

As for me, along with 17.4 Million others , I voted to leave the European union, so who do we vote for? 
Both Labour and Conservatives have committed to stop the will of the people being enacted, even after 500 MPs voted for the Referendum and a similar number Voted to implement article 50 to leave the EU, They have no shame, and no Honour, they all signed up for something of National Importance, knowing they had no intention of delivering it, So, Mr. Heartbreaker, it comes down to choice amongst the parties putting them selves forward for next weeks election, The Conservatives? 
The architects of their own destruction, Finished as a main stream party in my opinion, Labour?

Led by Jeremy Corbyn, a man who has campaigned his whole life in politics Against the EU now tearing itself apart with no agreement amongst it,s own MP,s on what direction to take, other than to betray those constituencies that voted “Leave”. The Liberal Party?

They have two campaign messages ,One to “Stop Brexit” the second an Obscene message B......S to Brexit”! nice and Liberal! UKIP?

Finished as a serious party, That Leaves the “Brexit party” the only party with a deliberate single issue objective, to deliver Independence and meet the democratic vote of the people.

Philip Plotkin

Via email


Action for ME

Many of your readers living with the complex, neurological condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) are missing out on normal life; one in four are so severely ill they are house- and/or bed-bound. As part of our work for global M.E. Awareness Month in May, UK charity Action for M.E. is asking everyone with M.E. to share their experiences of healthcare, welfare benefits, employment and education in our Big Survey. We will use what you tell us to campaign more effectively for better services and support, and improve the lives of children, young people and adults with M.E. Take our Big Survey now at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/afmebigsurvey, open until 2 August – and please get in touch on 0117 927 9551 if you need information and support for you or a family member.

Sophia Choudhury

Action for ME


Breaking the taboo around death and dying

Death and dying is still a taboo topic because people are fearful of how to tackle it. This feeling is exacerbated when it’s a child that has died or is nearing the end of their life.

Rainbow Trust supports over 2,500 families with a seriously ill child and since the start of 2019, 27 children supported by Rainbow Trust have died – more than one per week.

Bereaved families tell us that their friends often disappear when their child has died because they don’t know what to do. So they do nothing or they cross the road to avoid an awkward situation.

But it’s always better to do something, even just to say that you don’t know what to say – families appreciate the acknowledgement.

Rainbow Trust’s Family Support Workers play a crucial role in helping families cope. Grief is not measurable and affects everyone differently so Rainbow Trust provides families with an outlet for their emotions.

We are supporting Dying Matters Awareness Week from 13-19 May to help promote the importance of talking more openly about dying, death and bereavement.

So please, make that call or knock on that door to let bereaved friends know you are there. Together we can bring death out of the shadows.

Sonia Darrell

The Rainbow Trust


Would you know what to do if someone had a seizure?

Would your readers know what to do if they saw someone having a seizure? Would they know what was happening and how to help?

One in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy. For National Epilepsy Week (20-26 May) we are encouraging everyone to step up and learn how to keep someone with epilepsy safe when they have a seizure.

Recent statistics reveal that 36% of the public would be unsure or unwilling to help somebody having a seizure.

A further 57% admit they have little to no knowledge about epilepsy.

Helping someone who is having a seizure is simpler than people think.

Staying with someone, protecting them from further harm, and calling for help if it’s needed, are three vital steps. If in doubt, always call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Epilepsy Action has created first-aid cards that people can order in time for National Epilepsy Week.

They fit neatly into a purse or wallet so people can always have information handy. Posters are also readily available to be displayed in public places, such as schools, workplaces or waiting rooms.

People can order these free of charge and find out more at epilepsy.org.uk/epilepsyweek

Philip Lee

Epilepsy Action


Not such good thinking...

On reading the Lords report, to save money the scheme would need less tunnels.

So now destroy all of chilterns to dig big hole?

Or is this across north London into Euston knock down houses, rebuild these in Aylesbury and surrounding villages just to cause more chaos and them realise that existing train services in to London cannot cope? Good thinking here...

John Smith

Speaking on the HS2:Enough Is Enough campaign Facebook group


Scheme should never have been allowed

This should never have been allowed it is such a farce. All it is doing is destroying our beautiful countryside and lining peoples pockets. It will benefit a minority of people who travel from London to Birmingham but the money could have made massive improvements to our failing transport infrastructure which would have benefited the majority. There’s a village in North Bucks where properties have already been sold to HS2 and are now being occupied by 24 hour security but the property is no where near the line?

It’s just a big scam.

Bridget Elaine Hubbard

Speaking on the HS2: Enough Is Enough campaign Facebook group


Slow speed train to nowhere

It is now the once high speed, now slow speed freight train to nowhere near the centre of anywhere, with no stops inbeteeen!

You couldn’t make it up, it is an absolute fiasco of national project, yet so many MPs including the likes of the PM and David Lidington remain in complete denial, and continue to bullsh*t the people that dpending £100 billion on a project of no social or business benefit to anyone but vested interests and the rich few executives who will be happy to pay company money to save 15 minutes off their journey is in the national interest!

It is a very bad national joke, just like the other national joke that is going on in Parliament. This Government and this Parliament made up of MPs from all parties has become an international embarrassment, of which #HS2 is a part!

Simon Icke

Speaking on the HS2: Enough Is Enough 
Facebook group


Oxygen for humanity comes from trees

Each person on the planet needs 7 fully grown trees to provide their yearly oxygen supply. So how many people have been deprived of their yearly supply by HS2Ltd.?

Trees also absorb carbon helping us to be more carbon neutral than anything else AND all we need to do is SEE THEY REMAIN GROWING and plant lots more.

Alison Finnemore

Speaking on the HS2: Enough Is Enough campaign Facebook group