It’s never been more important to vote - say editor Hayley O’Keeffe

This week Aylesbury Vale - along with the rest of the UK goes to the polls for the election we never thought would happen.

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 1:00 pm
A ballot box containing votes from local elections. Picture: Malcolm Wells

It’s safe to say that the endless march of Brexit has made many of us jaded with politics - and we expect that many of you will be considering not going out and exercising your democratic right.

But as a most basic function of society - voting in whatever election or referendum is so important.

It is a chance to have a say in how things are run - and no matter how little you may think the people are listened to - a strong vote a certain way will make leaders sit up and take notice.

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Because politicians are the people who vote for them and support them - and votes like the EU referendum will be looked at very closely by MPs and Ministers as a barometer of what we think.

Because without our votes every time they wouldn’t have those seats of power - and they are quite partial to them!

So - whatever you do, we say get out and vote!

It’s a hard fought for right, and we can’t moan that we don’t like the outcome if we don’t take part!