The John Bercow Column: I will continue the fight to protect community from HS2

In my 17 years as a Member of Parliament, I have seen a great many campaigns come and go – issues of great concern to constituents, both national and local.

By Vale MP John Bercow
Sunday, 13th April 2014, 8:00 am
MP and Speaker John Bercow
MP and Speaker John Bercow

The single biggest issue I have dealt with, however, is High Speed 2 – a policy which, as readers know all too well, will have a truly devastating impact on our area.

Just last week I wrote to some 800 constituents about the progress of the project.

As you might be aware, High Speed 2 will be enacted by a Hybrid Bill – a procedure which applies to Government Bills which have a significant impact on specific individuals or groups.

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This type of Bill differs from the normal legislative process, however, as those who are affected by the HS2 have the opportunity to petition a committee of MPs which has the power to change certain aspects of the project.

You will find much more information about this process on my website, and any constituent who is contemplating petitioning against the Bill is welcome to contact me for more information.

The government has announced that the Second Reading of the HS2 Bill will take place at the end of this month; it is at this stage that the principle of the Bill is agreed.

Though there are a handful of MPs who are fundamentally opposed to this project, the reality of the situation is that there is a substantial cross-party support in the House of Commons for High Speed 2.

I have always made the case that Buckinghamshire is appallingly adversely affected by HS2 and will get nothing in return.

I am meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport to push – once again – for a better deal for Buckinghamshire.

Needless to say, I will continue to fight to protect the interests of our communities.