Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Wildlife team to the rescue!

I must give Sharon her due in taking it upon herself to build up a trained and equipped team of rescue volunteers ready for anything.
Tiggywinkles wildlife rescuers on a mission!Tiggywinkles wildlife rescuers on a mission!
Tiggywinkles wildlife rescuers on a mission!

When Sue and I first started I was the only rescue team but now with the rescuers based in their homes around Bucks and beyond I have taken it upon myself to become an adviser and observer. 
Mind you I could still rescue if I wanted to, I am not yet out to grass. 
Without any disruption to the running of the Hospital, almost imperceptibly a stream of new recruits come in to become familiar with the larger animals they are likely to meet: deer, badgers, foxes and swans. 
Our telephone team now have a whole directory of rescuers providing that vital instant response. Sharon also arranges a ‘Rescuers Evening’ to get the whole team together for pizza, sarnies and tea and coffee. 
Last year my son Colin welcomed them all to the little soiree whereas this year I had the privilege. 
And this year the team had to suffer a few of my many anecdotes as a rescuer. 
The to cap it all there was a quiz.

What a great idea, I should, did I say “should” be able to give a good account of myself. 
I did manage to answer all the animal questions but my small team, the smallest in the room (I would say that wouldn’t I) floundered a bit on pop music and those infernal abstract photographs that made no sense to us seniors. 
We came last but I had a great evening bonding with all those volunteers.

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