Matt Adcock’s film review: Project X

Been to any good parties recently?

By The Newsroom
Monday, 5th March 2012, 4:10 am

Here’s one to which you’re invited and it is the biggest, wildest high school party you’re ever likely to witness.

There are two ways you can look at Project X, and depending on which camp you find yourself in you will probably view this film either as an epic comedy good time overload or a terrifying horror story of what just could happen.

If you’re young, carefree and/or don’t have teenage kids, you may well fall into the first camp, but if you’re a parent and/or have any sense of morality Project X might just make you cry.

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Director Nima Nourizadeh’s film tells the well-worn tale of a group of teen lads trying desperately to fit in and become popular at school

It’s young Thomas’s (Thomas Mann) 17th birthday and his parents will be leaving him alone at home for the weekend.

What’s a teenage lad to do but invite over his pals for a bit of a party? But Thomas’s BFFs – the wannabe smooth Costa (Oliver Cooper) and hopeless chubby loser J.B. (Jonathan Daniel Brown) – have plans to crank up his b’day bash into a ‘game changer’ that will elevate them from their nobody status and put them on the social map.

Of course none of them foresee the night of debauched anarchy that follows.

As the tag line for the movie says, one night will make them legends – so get ready for high jinks on a grand scale.

The small party soon rockets out of control as more than 1,000 people turn up to party hard, turning the suburban residence into a massive rave.

Throw into the mix a garden gnome filled with ecstasy tablets, an angry midget who likes to punch guys in the unmentionables, an effective ‘all girls must be naked’ sign by the pool and an drug dealer armed with a flame thrower and stand well back from the drug and alcohol fuelled insanity.

As his parents’ home is systematically wrecked Thomas can only look on from his drunken state of disbelief .

We, however, have a ringside view thanks to the fact that Tom’s pals have decided to film the whole evening.

And when the whole event escalates into a confrontation with armed police he realises that nothing will ever be the same again.

Parents who do see this may well start checking their contents insurance just to put their mind at rest, not to mention cancelling any plans for a weekend away. Kids will enjoy the guilty please and whoop away. Which one sounds more like you?