John Pilgrim: Time for a zero alcohol limit, and not just for driving

WITH Christmas fast approaching I see that the deputy chief constable of Northamptonshire has recommended that the level of alcohol allowed in the bloodstream of drivers should be reduced to nil.

Sunday, 11th December 2011, 3:18 am

This is of course a matter for debate and many people would go along with the suggestion. But there is something about this drink driving thing that bothers me.

Given that the reason for not drinking whilst driving is that alcohol impedes a person’s judgment, one can reasonably assume that a judge or magistrate’s judgement would also be affected in the same way.

Surely then people who are involved in making possibly life-changing judgements on other members of society should adhere to the same rules? There really is no end to this, maybe witnesses and barristers should be tested as well?

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Moving on to other things, although Robert Peston really annoys me when he appears on BBC news programmes to explain the financial problems of the world, he has created a two part TV series that has a great deal to commend it.

The Party’s Over; How the West Went Bust is a two part series (part two next week) that explains just how we are facing a really grim financial future in the West and how it came about.

It appears that the whole thing is very simple and will come as no shock to the likes of you and me. Greed, lack of concern for others and making a fast buck just about sums the whole thing up. The trade unions can take their share of the blame as well.

I am hoping that Mr Peston will explain how we are going to get out of this mess in next week’s episode.

In the meantime a comment from Nick Clegg this week doesn’t fill me with any real hope. Our illustrious Deputy Prime Minister stated on the TV news that he abhors people who get paid bucket loads of cash in difficult times for failing.

Seems to me that he won’t find any sensible person to disagree with that, the problem is where we make a start.

I think that maybe we should check out what sort of money some politicians make for doing very little Mr Clegg.