I yearn for the days of proper packets of crisps and wagon wheels

PEOPLE of a certain age are allowed to indulge themselves from time to time.

But a good diet should be ignored most of the time and so last week I did something I haven’t done for years. I ate three packets of crisps in a day! I know I shouldn’t have done but I admit that I was severely tempted and faltered, so there.

The reason I attacked three packets was that I couldn’t find single packets on sale in my local supermarket and I have to say that I was astonished at how few crisps there where in a packet. I realise that packaging is the real problem these days but even so the contents were mean to say the least.

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I also missed the little blue packet of salt that used to go with each bag and was unimpressed by tastes like Worcestershire Sauce on offer.

No wonder people go into manufacturing these things; there must be a fortune in spuds.

Next week I’m going to be on the look out for Wagon Wheels and if I find them I will probably find that they are half the size they used to be which will actually mean that they won’t really be proper Wagon Wheels I suppose.

I was interested to hear that energy supplier EDF has agreed to pay a package worth £4.5m including £3.5m to customers after an Ofgem investigation into how it tried to make sales to customers.

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The payment, imposed by the regulator is the biggest of its kind. EDF is a French owned company and I understand that they gave equal bidding support to both countries at the time. That’s backing your horses each way isn’t it?

My shopping results for customer treatment this week goes as follows.

Lloyds Bank, my local branch – nine; Asda and Dunelm – eight, joint second for their helpful and polite staff; Lloyds Bank online – zilch.

Marks given are out of ten as maximum.

I would like to hear your own points system for customer service. Drop me a line and let me know.