Here’s my solution to stopping pesky illegal park motorcyclists

WHY is that when so many people have complained about young people riding illegal motorcycles across their local park endangering children, elderly people and dogs etc that the police can do nothing about it?

I will give you a clue to this one. A local police van did turn up the other day as the third in a line of young people was about to take his turn doing wheelies across the park, dodging between elderly people walking their dogs and driving right past two kids play areas.

A policewoman walked in the direction that I had indicated. When I asked her companion why he wasn’t helping he shrugged and said: “She can handle it”. The lady failed to catch any of the youngsters because she walked rather than ran.

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So what is the answer? The official answer (via the man in the van) is that “They are difficult to catch and when they are we can only offer a warning that if they are caught again they will receive an official piece of paper warning them to behave for a year”.

I don’t know about you but I have a few suggestions;

Do not expect youngsters to behave for a year because people like them can’t recall what they did a week ago let alone a year!

When and if you are lucky enough to walk up to someone who has been riding illegally on a motorcycle without a helmet, without a licence, without insurance and without due care and attention and they are under age, arrest them, arrest their parents and scrap the motorcycle!

Naturally I do not expect this advice to be accepted as a good idea mainly because it probably invades someone’s human rights.

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My thanks to Adam Zerny, Independent Central Beds councillor for Potton, for replying to my questions concerning electricity being cut off without any provision for young mothers, elderly and handicapped people who may be without heating of any kind for eight hours in bad weather. Adam offered to ask Central Bedfordshire Council for advice and below is the reply he received;

“I’m sorry but I don’t think CBC would have any input into decisions that the electricity supplier makes in this respect, unless they want to dig up the road in which case they would need to book road space and, even then, we could only refuse on the grounds that another organisation has already made a booking.”

So it’s thanks to Adam for trying but not to Central Beds Council for showing no interest at all in elderly, disabled people or young mums with babies. I thought that’s what we had departments like Social Services for!