Farming Matters: A Merry Christmas for everyone down on the farm

Christmas Day down on the farm is always very special. As well as enjoying plenty of festive cheer in the house, we still have many animals to feed. My husband tries to prepare ahead and does lots of milling in the lead up to the day so that the time taken to do the feeding on Christmas Day is kept to a minimum.

Wednesday, 24th December 2014, 7:00 am
Farmer Geoff Brunt with his wife and their children feeding the cattle on Christmas Day.

After opening some of our presents during breakfast my husband and our son then tog up, with the addition of festive hats, and go out for a couple of hours to get going with the loader, feeding barley and silage to the cattle.

Indoors our daughter and I make sure the Christmas lunch is underway and then pull on our wellies to pop over to the buildings with a stocking for our lovely farm cats.

One of the cats in particular is exceedingly friendly, she follows my husband all over the place like a tiny little sheep dog, and loves to be picked up and cuddled.

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When we all get back in the house we welcome any guests who are coming for lunch and enjoy a fabulous feast before watching the Queen and sinking into the sofas.

Then at about four or five 0’clock my husband gets togged up in his overalls to go out and check on the animals again.