Education Eye: Ten reasons to send your daughter to all-girl school

I had a truly fantastic visit to Bedford Girls’ School this week.

Catherine Stoker

Spending a morning observing girls engaged in a whole breadth of educational experiences from science experiments to food tech to hockey to IT reminded me of the distinct advantages of choosing a single sex school.

Here are my top 10 reasons to choose an all girls’ school for your daughter:

1. A head and teaching staff who are specialists in nurturing and inspiring girls to aim high and achieve more across a broad range of curriculum subjects.

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2. Teaching styles that are suited to girls, who are undoubtedly wired differently to boys when it comes to learning.

3. All investment in facilities and resources is tailor-made for girls.

4. An absence of make-up and shortened skirts presents a tidy, business-like school environment with a clear focus on study rather than socialising skills.

5. An ability to dip in and out of co-ed learning experiences through partnerships with local boys’ schools for school plays, CCF and through the extended curriculum.

6. Careers advice which encourages girls to break stereotypes and explore all avenues including engineering, the sciences, medicine and entrepreneurship.

7. Opportunities to develop leadership skills and to experience role models in an environment where career aspirations are a priority.

8. Girls with a tendency to be self-conscious or lack self-esteem are surrounded by opportunities to shine.

9. Girls and boys mature at different rates so pastoral support can be tailor-made to suit the needs of individuals.

10. Girls’ schools are not about equal opportunity, they’re about all opportunity.