Console Corner: PS4 vs Xbox One: how they compare a year on

It’s been a year now since we entered the next generation of console gaming with the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, so what have we learned?

Saturday, 27th December 2014, 10:55 am
PS4 vs Xbox One: One year on

It’s safe to say both machines and game developers have proved beyond any doubt that they are capable of delivering stunning visuals and graphics.

PlayStation has the technical spec advantage from the get go meaning its visuals and overall polish in third party games is superior to the Xbox.

Things like SharePlay have been a revelation on PS4 and generally the way Sony handled its launch have been key factors in seeing it emerge as the dominant force with more than 11 million units sold worldwide compared to XB1’s three million.

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However, what neither has done so far, in my opinion, is push the boundaries.

Let’s take Assassin’s Creed Unity for example. Comfortably the most stunning video game to date in terms of graphics, size and detail.

But it will be remembered in many quarters for the wrong reasons as it was littered with problems and glitches which not only required several patches to sort it out but also prompted a grovelling apology from Ubisoft and the release of some DLC for free as 
compensation to gamers.

ACU kind of sums up the opening year in that it looks amazing but is the same tried and trusted formula.

This applies pretty much across the board.

Developers must now start giving us as close to perfection as possible and originality.

We know they can harness the power of these machines, but what we haven’t seen is anything new, anything to really make gamers say ‘I need this’.

In fact most of the 
better games this year were also available on the former consoles.

The line-up of titles to be released next year is exciting, with The Order and The Division particularly catching the eye.

And as I said the other week, there’s a prize for the first game launch which does not require gigabytes worth of patches to fix it!