Buckingham constituency election: UKIP’s Dave Fowler

UKIP is the only national party to campaign against HS2 – they have done this from the start and will continue to do so.
Dave FowlerDave Fowler
Dave Fowler

Vale MPs John Bercow and David Lidington have been at best “Low Key” and at worst breathtakingly arrogant.

But make no mistake HS2 is far from a “Done Deal”. It’s still on amber/red alert as far as Government spending is concerned.

Funding from the Chinese seems to have backtracked and every single enquiry into this massive White Elephant has concluded that there is no business sense, no economic sense and no environmental sense. In short, it’s bonkers. An idea dreamt up by our elite bonkers politicians.

HS2 will cut off village from village, farm from farm and decimate communities.

It will be like driving a stake through the heart of England.Born in Waddesdon (where I still live to this day) I’m a countryman who supports hunting, shooting and fishing. I’m a strong supporter of our Armed Forces and believe the first priority of Government must be the defence of the realm.

We must never leave our forces unprepared and starve them of resources they need to operate effectively. I’ve always been interested in politics but became more serious when John Major returned from Brussels having signed the Maastricht Treaty stating it was a good deal for Britain.

It was like Neville Chamberlain coming from Hitler saying we had peace in Europe and I’ve never forgiven the Tories since.